AISLE 2 PRODUCTIONS began several years ago in a basement studio where two long time friends decided to step away from the corporate world and truly engage in the arts. The two brought all of their resources together and brainstormed for several days while utilizing their tools to design a creative business model that empowered all artists. "Our goal is to make sure everyone who has a dream of being an artist has the opportunity to try it at least once." The affordable pricing for all clientele, while maintaining the highest of quality has sky rocketed their success. "If we could do this for free we would. But somehow we need to eat." Their approach to MUSIC, PHOTO & VIDEO production is not like the corporate money snatching model. The art has always come first for A2P and this is why more and more companies, individuals, families and artists alike gravitate towards them. "Bring all your projects and ideas to us. There is nothing we can not do!"

Clothing line now available at link above. Eddy Michaels is a growing brand and soon to be a household name.


"The theory is to stay inspired by attacking something new each day" - Jay Scott

"Sometimes you should just go with the flow. Who says you can't?" - Jay Scott

"This time around if I fail....I will only fail because of me." - Jay Scott

Creative Director: Jay Scott

DJ: Frank Sanchez

Engineer/Editor: Doug Wulf

Songwriter/Vocal Composer: Eddy Michaels

copyright 2017 Aisle 2 Productions